What is the nature of reality, and what is human consciousness? Who am I? What are we doing here?

I think that the answers to there questions are related. I feel strongly that reality is much more complex than we usually imagine it.

A vision or ideal is something that a person would consider as meaningfully better that the current situation in some way.

For example, the idea of freedom has been a powerful vision that many people have fought for and died for. It is generally accepted as being an important value in life.

Quantum computers are very different from classical ones.

The future of quantum artificial intelligence is difficult to predict, because there are a number of possibilities. We will have quantum AI that does things differently than today’s AI systems.

The most important thing to consider is the human view on quantum artificial intelligence. Humans are more likely to fear what they don’t understand.

It is important to develop a culture in which we are able to discuss these issues freely. There is no need for fear and uncertainty when it comes to this topic. The folk on the street are afraid of quantum intelligence, and I can understand why they have these concerns. It is an alien concept, quite different from what we are used to.

AI is one of the most important and powerful technologies today, perhaps it will even change the world in a major way.