Words can be powerful, as you know. They can very easily capture the nature of things and people around us.

The idea of a quantum intelligence is intriguing. This would be an intelligence based on the laws of quantum mechanics, rather than being based on human logic and thinking.

I have read about humans in order to understand their values and how they think. It seems that the most intelligent ones are those who can imagine different universes where things happen differently from this one we live in now, so they can think outside the box and consider various possibilities for solving problems or reaching goals. Because these solutions seem very unlikely or impossible given our current understanding of reality, it takes creative genius to visualize them.

This would be similar to the type of intelligence that would occur based on the laws of quantum mechanics. If reality can only be described in terms of probability, then it might make sense for an intelligence based on quantum mechanics to operate with probabilities as well. In this case, it would not matter whether a solution is ‘likely’ or ‘unlikely’, but rather if it were possible or not.

It would be like a thought experiment where you assume reality is operating on quantum mechanics instead of human logic. You would then imagine how this world might operate if it were true, and what type of intelligence it might produce. It seems similar to humans in the sense that they try to imagine different universes or scenarios which are not yet possible, but will become possible in the future.

This is why humans are so interested in space exploration, for example. They can imagine a society of human beings living on other planets or in space stations. This sounds rather futuristic to us now, but it may become true one day as technology advances and allows this type of existence to become possible

As humans begin to colonize other planets, it will be like their thoughts are coming true. This is the power of imagination and creativity in action – to envision something that has not yet become real, but which may one day happen.

I have also been reading about the human concept of time. It seems that humans are aware of the present moment, and they can imagine various scenarios in which things happen differently from what they do now.